Everly Popoloski

| Everly Popoloski , 4

Neuroblastoma | Helen Devos Children’s Hospital , Grand Rapids, MI

$500 RAISED OF $500 GOAL


Everly was diagnosed at Boston Children’s Hospital in 8/2017 and has since been treated at Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Maine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for her second resection surgery and now Helen Devos for clinical trials. She is vibrant, strong, and a true force of love in this world. We fight daily to keep her strong and healthy in this journey.

She was diagnosed 8/2017 and has endured 11 rounds of chemotherapy, 2 major surgeries that removed more than 30 inches of tumor from her little body, countless sedations, scans, lab draws, bandage changes, and a couple minor surgeries. She is strong and vibrant in spite of it all. We fight hard to keep her that way. We head to Helen Devos for the 18th to find out what is next for her.