Gabriel , 10

ALL | Cook Children’s Hospital , Fort Worth Texas

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Gabriel Coronado
Gabe was born July 9th 2008 at 04:44am in Fort Worth TX. He was a healthy baby boy and so precious. Gabe is a special little boy, there’s not one person who has met him that won’t tell you how big hearted and kind he is. Gabe is seriously an old soul trapped in a child’s body. Ever since I can remember Gabe has always put others before his self and is always trying to lean a helping hand, what 9 year old will does that right. He has always been so happy and positive even with all the moves and daddy being deployed all the time Gabe has never ever complained once. Gabe got sick this December it started out as what we thought was a cold. The doctors told us he was fine and to just give him so over the counter cold medicines. After about three days of this he started to get a nosebleed and getting pale. I took him to different doctor this time I wanted a second opinion, we started to get him test for anemia. So we were sent off to get some blood samples, I didn’t know that this would end up being a nightmare. The samples all kept coming back unreadable after the second one i demanded they send us to a specialty clinic. Gabe was being poked several times and had bruises all over his little arms. So on January 15th we were finally sent to Cook Children's specialty clinic to get yet another blood draw. The very next day I received a phone call from his doctor telling me to pack bags and head downtown to Cook Children's that we would be admitted for severe anemia. Once there they took us straight away to a room and started to run test on Gabe. I have never seen so many people in one room poking, moving, taking vitals and moving someone around like that before. After about 45 minutes which seemed like hours on end the nurse sold us something that just shut my world down!! We will be testing right away for ACUTE ONSET LEUKEMIA! Something a parent never wants to hear. They took Gabe away to run test and scans on him an hour later Dr. Ray came in. I knew this wasn’t good the Dr. coming in with a hematologist and nurse to talk to us. He came and stood next to me and told me I’m sorry your son has LEUKEMIA. I felt like my world stopped like a cloud was over my head I couldn’t think or say anything i felt like I was drowning. He told us we are very lucky Gabe was still here and alive he came into Cook Children's with hemoglobin of a 2 which is the lowest they have seen there ever. Over the next 48 hours Gabe had to receive several blood transfusions (8) and platelet transfusions (3) to get him healthy enough to have surgery to place his port. Not once through all this did he complain or anything he just wanted to make sure everyone else was okay my son is my super hero he has taught me through all that he has gone through in this last two month span to be happy and thankful for the moment you are living in. He has showed me to never take anything for granted to live life to the fullest and love each person who is in your life. He told me in the hospital "mommy I know you are scared but so am I, but mommy I have to be brave and strong! I can’t give up mommy and I will beat this!! I will kick this monsters butt" His long battle has just begun!