Grayson Scarpetta

| Grayson Scarpetta, 4

BCell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia | American Family Childrens Hopsital , Madison,Wisconsin

$500 RAISED OF $500 GOAL


Grayson was diagnosed with cancer shortly after his 2nd birthday. A phone call that changed our lives in a split second and forever. We are now 1.5 years into treatment with 1.5 years to go. Grayson is a rock star and shows us daily how to correctly live life with an unknowing grace, strength, and smile that lights up a room. We have bad days and days where we no longer want to see doctors or take meds but for the majority thus far he just does what need to be done. A hero package is just a small way for us to tell him that he is just that. Our everyday hero.