Hudson Royce Turk

Hudson Royce Turk, 3

Ewing Sarcoma | American Family Childrens Hospital , Madison, Wi

$500 RAISED OF $500 GOAL


Hudson road to diagnosis was long and painful. He suffered for months with unexplained leg pain before an ER Dr finally started doing MRIs and discovered a large mass in his pelvis pushing on the nerves below his spine. He had surgery on his back to remove part of the tumor in early June to relieve him of much of his pain. He started chemo 3 days later and has spent much of his time in the hospital.
Hudson loves trucks, tractors, wagons, farm animals, tools and buildings things. Before getting sick Hudson never slowed down enough to watch tv, but in the hospital he fell in love with Bob the Builder and Paw Patrol.
Hudson's treatment is approximately 1 year long if everything goes well.
We were guided to your site by Amanda Brey a local mom who's son Adam just finished a very similar battle to Hudson's a year ago.