Paityn, 4

Rhabdomyosarcoma | Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong Hospital , Rochester, NY

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Paityn was diagnosed with Vaginal Rhabdomyo Sarcoma in September of last year. She is on a 43 week VAC treatment plan. We will probably go until sometime in September of this year. She had a surgical resection of most of the tumor along with a removal of her right ovary prior to starting her radiation therapy back in January. We go in every three weeks for inpatient treatment, the other two weeks is outpatient for one of the drugs and she gets bloodwork done twice a week. She loves all thing Disney and Nick Jr. She loves animals, medical play, and her baby dolls. She had another (used) tablet donated by her uncle which belonged to my autistic nephew. So it was well loved already when she got it and it unfortunately stopped working. My husband and I were unable to pay to get it fixed.