Shahreen Manha Alam

| Shahreen Manha Alam, 7

DIPG | Md Anderson , Houston

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Shahreen is six year old girl who loved to go to school, and loves her teacher a lot . She illuminates the life of everyone around her. She loves to play with her sisters and draw.Shahreen has a very noble heart. She loves helping everyone around her. She also loves the colors blue, purple and pink. Princesses, ponies, unicorns and shiny things are some her favorite. Her favorite pet pets are her pet birds and her cat, Pepper. On December 13th,2017 she started having problems to walk. On December 18th, 2017, she was diagnosed with Diffuse Intristic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). Despite the diagnosis, she continues to stay strong and fights against all adversities. Together we will find hope in this journey. We ask you to continue this journey with us with prayers and best wishes!
Shahreen Alam was a healthy girl before November. In November, she started having problems with her tonsils. She got a tonsillectomy done the day before Thanksgiving 2017. During her recovery, she got a virus. She wasn't supposed to get sick, or else it could effect the surgery site. We got her antibiotics and she started getting better. The day she went back to school, I noticed something different. When I was helping her put on her clothes, she was wiggling and falling down. I dropped her off and talked to her teacher telling her what I noticed. She said I could pick her up early if I wanted. I picked her up around 10:30pm. right outside the school she fell and scraped her knee. She is not the kind of person who just falls. When she falls it is usually because she is running too fast or something like that. But this time I knew using my motherly instincts something was up. The next day she was not normal. Everyone could tell. She was wobbling and limping and all sorts of things when she walked. I took her to the Urgent Care unit here. They said she was fine. They did not do any tests or x-rays or anything. They just made her walk and said it was nothing to worry about. By then I started to panic. I called our primary doctor and made an appointment. Right when we walked in he ran up and was worried, too. I took a video of her walking the night before. I showed it to him and the nurses and they immediately referred us to Cook Children's in Fort Worth. We went there and did a CAT scan and MRI. They just told us there was a mask in her head. We did not know what they were talking about. The next day they told us it was a tumor. After further inspection (meaning a MRI with anesthesia), the doctors held a big meeting. When we walked in we were worried. We knew this big of a meeting meant something. They told us she had DIPG, a rare, aggressive brain tumor located in the brain stem. There was no cure. We could do treatment, but that would only ease the symptoms. We did 30 radiations at MD Anderson's Cancer Cancer Center. The hospital was 6 hours away from our home. I left both of my older daughter with family friends. we all hated being away, but it was for Shahreen. We stayed there for two months. Finally the doctor sent us home. If she stayed away form home too long, she would be depressed. We came home, and have been under the care of HOSPICE of Wichita Falls since then. She has lost her sweet, melodious voice and mobility in the legs and left arm. She is barely able to chew her food. She can't play. But she still has her cute laugh and her angelic smile.