Game On: A Super Story Book


"It took me 13 years as a survivor to realize what the purpose of it all was. That’s a long time! And I thought, if I could share with you the greatest piece of wisdom i’ve learned from surviving cancer in a very applicable way, maybe you’ll share it with the world!"

***Sales do not directly support Hero Packages HOWEVER we are doing a one-for-one giving a book away to kids who can't afford it in different programs AND these will be available in every Hero Package!  Fret not!  We're still volunteers and not getting paid for this work, the remaining resources will be used to recoup the cost to produce our mass purchase of these books!***

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I’M NOT AN AUTHOR! I really ain’t. Over the last few years, I’ve been told I should write a book to “share my story.” Truth is, Gamerosity is my story, and it’s still being written. So after confiding in friends, months (AND MONTHS) of a painstaking, heart-tugging process, Rebekah and myself combined powers and wrote this book. The story is a mix of things, and that’s on purpose. It’s an introduction to Gamerosity and the value of community and compassion our Charity brings. It’s a look into the realities of Childhood Cancer you may have never considered. And it’s a message of hope that took me 13 years after surviving cancer to learn. We hope you see our hearts in this book. We hope it’s a valuable tool and brings you to the comforting reality that we’re all in this together.

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