Emma Blevins
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7 Year Old
Oklahoma City, OK
Children's Hospital - OU Medicine
Leukemia, Acute Lymphoblastic
About Emma

Emma loves to read, but enjoys all subjects in school.  Some of her favorite snacks include Takis, macaroni and cheese, and pizza, but she will eat all the salty things.  Emma enjoys playing Roblox, Nintendo Switch games, and board games.  She also likes to swim, dance, sing, use coloring books and go horseback riding.  

Emma has had a rough road.  On December 17, 2021, she fell at the park and broke her arm.  After it was casted, she started eating less, sleeping more, and complaining about everything hurt more.  When it was removed in January 2022, she was in pain and they felt something wasn’t right.  Upon further study, they found that her lymph nodes were swollen. At first, we thought it was from the cat, or an autoimmune disease, but after the blood work, learned it wasn’t the cat, but was cancer. 

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