Delaney Sweet-Werneke
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17 Year Old
Burlington, VT
UVM Medical Center
About Delaney
Delaney was diagnosed May 2016 at 13, after 9 months of intense chemo a 12 hour surgery that took her off the soccer field forever and over 100 days in the hospital, bald and sick We thought we had beat cancer but here we are May 2019 still fighting for her life, 6 more months of chemo 2 thoracotomies and SBRT radiation them moved on to 9 more months of immunotherapy more chemotherapy and 2 thoracotomies this coming June. All while keeping up her studies, volunteering, indicated in National Honor society and coming to the end of her Sophomore year, with no end in sight for cancer treatment. While we pray for remission Delaney has showed us was Grace looks like, she is a true warrior and love to be able keep up on studies at the hospital, over the summer or while receiving treatment at hospitals outside of Vermont. We have heard amazing things about your site. Thank you for all you do for kids who feel pulled away from everything they love! Karrie Sweet, Proud mom of Delaney
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