James Martin Yedica
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8 Year Old
Green Bay, WI
St. Vincent's Children's Hospital
Leukemia, Acute Lymphoblastic
About James
My son was diagnosed with T-cell lymphomblastic lymphoma stage 3 on 11-23-2018. The mass in his chest was so enlarged that if we wouldn't have gotten him to the children's hospital he would have died by Christmas. He had surgery on the 26th of November and ended up having two chest tubes put in his body to drain out the fluid around his heart. He also had chemotherapy and had both his bone marrow and spinal fluid checked as well to see if the cancer was inside of it both came back negative. Before this, my son was an upbeat loving sweet child who would never would have thought had cancer. We had only taken him in prior because the only symptom he had was a cough. James has been in and out of the hospital due to having a blood clot in his PICC line, getting a new PICC started then having a problem with low sodium which left us in the hospital during the holidays. James also developed two but sores in the inner part of his cheeks from the chemo. It was a tough time not being with family or friends during Christmas and the New Year for my son. After spending 3 weeks in the hospital, we finally got to go home and start the 2 induction of his chemotherapy. As of now we getting through the 2nd induction and dealing with his wounds seeing the wound doctor every week. During this process James is still trying to keep up with his school studies. Thank you so much for checking out his campaign. James's favorite things to do are going fishing, riding his four-wheeler, playing with his friends, going camping, swimming, watching movies and playing video games.
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