Joe DeWaele
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10 Year Old
Jacksonville, FL
Wolfson Children's Hospital
Leukemia, Acute Lymphoblastic
About Joe
Joe was diagnosed on 3/3/19 with a rare and very aggressive form of leukemia. After induction and two rounds of consolidation, he relapsed. We immediately changed our course of treatment and began pursuing CAR-T therapy at the Children's Hospital of Chicago. Joe and I spent six weeks in Philadelphia awaiting results. Joe suffered traumatic cytokine release syndrome and was intubated and spent two weeks in the hospital, one of which was in ICU. When this treatment was unsuccessful, we returned home to Jacksonville, Florida to attempt a new chemotherapy. After two weeks, he was unresponsive. Our home team did not have any other options for Joe and told us to take him home. After much research and persistence, we found a phase one trial at St. Jude for relapsed ALL. Once Joe was accepted, his counts were too high for it to be deemed safe enough to fly. We are at our local hospital receiving high dose chemotherapy in order to get his counts in control. He is currently responding, so our plan is to be discharged on Wednesday, go directly to the airport, fly to St.Jude and be directly admitted. What this child has endured in 7 months old is more than anyone should in a lifetime. He is the strongest boy I know. I admire him. I would change places with him in a minute. I love him with my entire being. I will never stop fighting for him. Never.
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