Katrina Tyacke
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16 Year Old
Wauwatosa, WI
Children's Wisconsin
Lymphoma, Diffuse B-Cell
About Katrina
Katrina is 15 years old. She has Diffused Large B Cell Lymphoma. She noticed a lump on her neck and a friend also noticed it, a week later she had a lump on her collar bone on the same side as the one on her neck. That's when she said something to my husband and I. We took her to Urgent Care, they sent us to the hospital after tests and x-rays, the ER doc said we need to see an Oncologist because she may have cancer. Not something my husband and I would ever thought we would hear about one of our 3 children. She had surgery to remove the lymph node, which was a cluster of them, for a biopsy. Her chemo treatment includes having a spinal tap on the day of hospital admission and the day she is released (2 every stay) which she goes to surgery and wakes up with a terrible headache that hasn't gone away since her first one in May. The nausea, bone pain, and headaches are really bad. Katrina loves school, fashion, make up, skin care and bicycling. She is an officer for DECA and was the 2nd freshman in New Berlin West history to go to state last year. We are very proud of her. She wants to own her own business and since her diagnosis, she is thinking about Dermatology. She is registered for 2 AP College classes and has to do pre-work which is hard for her since she doesn't have a lap top and our home computer is in the basement which is 2 floors from her room. She also wants to take driver's ed online and is excited to get her license in January. She is too weak to walk stairs.
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