Paisley Benjamin
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5 Year Old
Boston, MA
Floating Hospital for Children
Leukemia, Acute Lymphoblastic
About Paisley

n 2018 my 4 year old, Paisley was diagnosed with leukemia (b-cell ALL). In the same week of her diagnosis my husband of 7 years passed away. The month of October 2018 was constant heartache for the Benjamin family. October 10th Paisley was officially diagnosed. It turned our lives completely upside down as she was your typical healthy, happy, little girl. We started to notice bruises and her feeling extra lethargic so decided to have her seen. Simple blood work confirmed suspicions from the doctors of leukemia, while a bone marrow test the following day confirmed the diagnosis. She has had a really rough and rocky road. She’s battled sepsis following her first week of diagnosis causing an emergency surgery for her port to be removed, the same day her father/my husband passed away. Paisley had to stay hospitalized for 44 days to complete her first round of treatment and cell count recovery. During that time we were grieving our loss and putting on our bravest faces to fight this battle. Due to extensive treatment I had to leave my job to care for her 24/7. Three months into treatment she had a reaction to a medicine she’s had 3 times prior and went into anaphylactic shock. She spent yet another stay in the ICU. This little girl has shown me what a true warrior is and I couldn’t be anymore proud of her ❤️ We are living our new “normal” life, taking it day by day while appreciating the good in every moment. We are looking forward to a brighter and healthier future! Some of her favorite things are princess, baby dolls, lol and OMG dolls, peppa pig

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