Alyssa Gonia

| Alyssa Gonia, 5

Stage 4 hr neroblastoma | Seattle children's hospital , Seattle wa 98105

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Alyssa is four years old diagnosed at three years old been battling stage 4 high-risk neroblastoma for over a year now she has went through six rounds of chemo to bone marrow transplant's radiation and is onto immunotherapy we call her super Alyssa because she is my superhero she always has a smile on her face even on the worst days I can get a smile out of her she loves to take presents that she gets re-wrap them and get them to the other kids she truly is something so special and amazes me every day I am so blessed to be her mama and watch her contagious smile take over and make others smile she loves being silly and making all the doctors and nurses laugh she will tell me don't cry mama I am so strong and so brave stronger than all the superheroes nothing can hurt me she truly is an amazing little girl That has had to give up her whole childhood but she doesn't complain and she still finds the beauty that is life she has done two rounds of immunotherapy on the second round her throat closed she cannot breathe and had to get a EpiPen we go in on the 18th to try again she would love an iPad to help make the days in the hospital easier because if this doesn't work we would have to move to New York we are already away from home and that would mean we would be across the country from home she is such a giving sweet old soul and I would love to be able to surprise her with something that would put the biggest smile on her face she has been through so much countless surgeries plus a 17 hour surgery to remove the tumor her kind of cancer is very aggressive and the likelihood of it coming back is very high I would do anything for her specially Anything that would put a smile on her face you can follow our story cheleie gonia on Facebook thank you for taking the time to read about her I appreciate that more than anything she is my whole world my whole purpose and my whole heart and soul and thank you again sincerely super Alyssa mommy Chelsie