Arhyiah Mathiesen

Arhyiah Mathiesen , 3

Gastrointestinal cancer | Children’s hospital , 13123 e 16th ave aurora Colorado 80045

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Hi my name is Arhyiah or as some of you know Ria, Pia, and Bubba etc. At the age of two I was diagnosed with a sacrocogueal germ cell teratoma which spread and became cancerous! The doctors say that the teratoma had being growing as early as birth! Definitions: sacrocogogueal- the tailbone location; Teratoma- Tumor.
As I was growing up my parents and I had no idea I didn't start acting differently from "most babies" until April of 2018 when my parents noticed big changes in my diet, behavior, attitudes, everything all the way down to how I pooped and sat in my carseat!
Of course, when my parents noticed the changes they took my to the doctors and doctors said "just another rash, here's more cream" or "just another ear infection, here's more medicine."
It wasn't until May of 201i when my mother had noticed a serious problem, while visiting our family back in Colorado I stopped pooping and peeing for almost 2 days my mom rushed me to the Children's urgent care where things became hectic. Doctors were holding me down from head to toe, poking, prodding, all in my bubble, while my auntie and my mommy were trying to calm me down! My mommy went to talk to the doctors they told her "have you noticed how many wet diapers he's had?!" My mom replied " No, I guess I was so focused on the poop I didn't notice the pee..." After a few minutes a doctor came in and scanned my belly which led to being held down again, after they determined my bladder needed to be drained they noticed my kidney looked funny. They had me and mommy transported to the Children's hospital in Aurora, where I was inpatient for 22 days, stuck in my room because I was sick! We had to move back to Colorado so I could be close to the children's hospital for treatments, so we live with my papa, Nana, and aunties! After awhile my dad and mom got some news that was going to change our lives! I HAD CANCER!!!! A tumor the size of a grapefruit had grown on my tailbone, (No wonder I couldn't poop). The doctors and surgeons met with my mom and dad many times until surgery day! I was in surgery for ever it felt like (3 hours) when I was done I had no more tumor just two scars!! Then after my wounds from surgery healed I started chemotherapy. The doctors say there's high hopes for me! My mom and dad tell me " I'm the strongest little man ever" My sister mainly just coos and drools everywhere but I know she means well! I have a big support system behind me but I could always use more! Thanks for reading my story I look forward to getting to know you!