Charlie Rose Cullum

| Charlie Rose Cullum, 3

Ganglioglioma, neuroblastoma | Arkansas Children's Hospital , Little Rock, AR

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UPDATE: Charlie is now 17 weeks into treatment and it's starting to hit her harder than the initial weeks. She's getting tired more easily, wanting to just sit and rest and watch TV now than run all day. It's hard as a mom to see her girl who was go-go-go all day everyday just want to sit on the sofa. Even going to her beloved preschool is getting harder with her immunity compromised and being so low energy.

Charlie's ganglioglioma was found after watching a spot in her brain for roughly 8 months. Once it was found, chemo was going to be our option. Charlie had a routine MRI before starting chemo, a mass about the size of a baseball was found next to her spine. After removing as much of the mass as they were able, she started chemo a week later.