Felix Soares

| Felix Soares , 9

T cell leukemia | Dana Farber cancer institute , Boston ma

$500 RAISED OF $500 GOAL


On December 20th 2017, Felix was diagnosed with Lymphoblastic t-cell ALL. Since that time we have focused most of our attention to Felix, his needs, and travel back and forth to the Jimmy Fund Clinic. Trying to keep up with the other 3 children’s needs has proven difficult, even though they are many. We are doing are best to meet their needs, but it feels as though we are falling short. There has really been no time to focus on ourselves, our relationship, or our careers. Both of us are/were self employed. The future of our businesses remains a question mark, as neither of us have been able to work since late December. Our hopes are to rebuild, and fix whatever residual damage has been done to our businesses.
The boys are avid hockey and soccer players, as well as gamers, our daughter is excelling at swimming, and we are supportive of that, and our little one (23 mos) is exploring everything right now.
We hope once we get through a certain stage in treatment, that all our lives we return to some sort of normalcy.