Jaquelin Garcia Gonzalez

| Jaquelin Garcia Gonzalez, 4

Pre B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia | Texas Children's Hospital , Houston, Texas

$500 RAISED OF $500 GOAL


My daughter, Jaquelin Garcia Gonzalez, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma on January 17. . . Just two days after my 26th birthday!
On the 19th she started chemotherapy, she is on the standard risk protocol AALL0932 for about 2 more years and will be starting DI in a couple of weeks. Since leaving the hospital after initial diagnosis she has been hospitalized 3 times she has been responding good to treatment but has had trouble with this whole trauma.
She eats, but it gets harder and harder to get her to eat well. She is slightly underweight(and trying to work on it before it gets too bad) The only thing that gets her happy and compliant is playing on my phone(which is near replacement), BUBBLES, and coloring with mommy and daddy. . . She loves Minnie Mouse and (sky)Paw Patrol. She loves playing with all 4 of her brothers and sisters but mostly her twin brother its just the cutest for me. . . They take care of eachother and love eachothers company, Honestly she does better when he goes to clinic with us!
And as for goals, we only have one. . . Trying to purchase an ipad or just any tablet for her and maybe another for her siblings. . . May take a while but we want to do that since it helps her alot.
Thank you for lending an ear! I really appreciate all the support that there is within the childhood cancer community.
Here's her diagnosis story: On January 1st, my husband had come home from visiting his parents in Mexico for the first time in nearly 20 years. Upon his return, he gave each of our kids(5) a special toy that he bought on his trip. Jaquelin got a special wooden purse with a disney character that she likes. She loved it. She loved it so much, she slept with it. . . Going into the night the purse fell and and a couple instants later she fell on top of it. She instantly awoke and began to cry. I picked her up off the floor and shushed her down. . . She instantly went back to sleep.
Two weeks passed and she seemed okay other than her saying her chest area hurt. . . But she would continue to play and fight with her siblings as she always did, so i would just tell her to sit down or lay down and rest. It wasn't til she actually yelled at me "MOMMY, I DON'T FEEL GOOD" I didn't know what to do other than to take her to the emergency room. . . She was sent back by a "doctor" who had already decided without even looking at her and without even putting his phone down that all she had was a contusion! He just said Ibuprofen for pain and it would go away on its own.
A week has gone by, and all I have done is worry about her. . . And thinking she probably has a broken rib(she landed on top of the toy right on her chest) that is probably very painful. Her pain hadn't gone away, she was getting tired all the time and i couldnt do anything for her. . . I was so frustrated I took her back to the emergency room. . . Determined to have the doctor do an x-ray so that we could do something to aliviate her pain.
Thankfully, i did not have to fight for the x-ray. Dr. Lee ran blood tests and cultures and had an X-ray. The next couple of hours was just nurses coming in and out. . . I was soo scared that they would think i or my husband had done something to hurt her(this a thought that always haunts me because of my own personal experience as a child, my mother was a single mother of 9, always busting her butt to make ends meet and being harrassed by CPS). So, everytime a nurse would come in, i would jump thinking this is it. . . Child services is gonna take my baby. . . But no, it was more tests more blood, a blood transfusion.
We were moved to a different room after being told she was being transfered to Texas Childrens Hospital. Dr. Lee came in and told me she had a fractured sternum with coagulated blood behind that. . . She was being transferred to see other doctors, more specialized. And he ended with "you did the right thing by bringing her again. . . .You're a good momma" tears just streamed down my face cuz i really didnt feel like I was. And betwedn sobs I sputtered out "thank-" without being able to finish the phrase.
We were flown to Texas Childrens and with nothing but fear in my daughters eyes I managed to set mine aside to color on some sheets she was given. . . And she watched a movie as more blood was drawn and I repeated the same story over and over again to people who i didnt know and didnt know how they would help!
In the end, a childlife specialist came in to play with my daughter as another nurse took me into a private room to tell me the news. . . .i cant forget that day. . . Will never forget that day. "It is most probable that your daughter has cancer," i began crying. She continued, " we still have some test to come back, but considering her symptoms, we believe its cancer" I asked what kind and as soon as I heard leukemia I instantly thought "my baby is gonna die"(this thought is from losing a friend to leukemia) and I thought "I cant lose my baby" "i cant go through this" and between sobs the only words i could spit out is "I can't. . . I can't. . ."
I was alone with my baby and her dad(my husband) was making the drive from Nacogdoches to Houston. . . I had to tell him the news. . . He looked as if he were hit by an 18-wheeler. . . .we cried. And were just silent. I was scared, of the unknown and the uncertainty. . . .that night ended with us being admitted into the hospital and sent up to the ninth floor of the west tower. And nothing has been the same again.