Mason Abraham

Mason Abraham, 7

Pylocystic Astrocytoma | American family children’s hospital , Madison Wisconsin

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Mason was diagnosed with a pylocystic astrocytoma. It is intertwined in the optic nerve where the two connect. Because of this his eye sight in his right eye is almost gone. The vision is now 20/400 and he’s color blind in that eye. The tumor also sits on his pituitary gland. Due to this he now also has adrenal insufficiency. On July 20th he went in for brain surgery with all intent of removing it. But because of it being intertwined they could not remove it. He will be in chemo until July of 2020, and that chemo is only to keep it from growing anymore. Mason is an amazing 7 year old who has taken this in stride. Reading and gym are his favorite classes. He also has played hockey since he was 3 1/2, this has put a major damper on that this year. His other favorite sport is soccer. Everybody he meets is his friend.