Max Blackwell

| Max Blackwell, 11

T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia | Arkansas Children's Hospital , Little Rock, AR

$500 RAISED OF $500 GOAL


My son was diagnosed with T-cell ALL on 5/12/17 with little to no warning. He was a "normal" kid one week. Became sick with what we thought was a tummy bug and by Friday was being airlifted from our home hospital to the only children's hospital in the state of Arkansas. He has since rec'd all his treatments at Arkansas Children's Hospital under Dr. Amir Mian. He has endured the past (almost) 9 months of treatment as well as we could ever ask him. He always tries very hard to do whatever he needs to do with little protest. He has experienced side effects and reactions to the chemo that have been very challenging for a 10 year old child. One of the hardest parts has been repeated shots. Due to a chemo reaction and a blood clot in the heart, he has had to do 72 separate IM Erwinia injections and daily Lovenox injections that will last several months. He's a pre-teen boy. He loves gaming. We travel 2.5 hours, 160 miles one way for every trip to Arkansas Children's Hospital for treatment, and some weeks we make M/W/F trips. A new device gives us something fun to talk about, him something fun to look forward to, and (if he receives it) something fun to distract him from an otherwise unfun, scary season of life.

Thank you for considering my son.