Robert Moatts Jr “Bubby”

| Robert Moatts Jr “Bubby”, 5

HR Pre-B ALL | UK Children’s Hospital , Lexington KY

$500 RAISED OF $500 GOAL


Bubby was diagnosed originally with Standard Risk Pre-B ALL on January 2, 2017 just before he turned 3 years old and soon bumped to High Risk. It’s been a long hard road for him. He’s had to endure countless hours hooked up to an IV for chemo, blood transfusions, IVIG, antibiotics just to name a few. He’s been admitted to the hospital due to being sick his counts tanking on him and he’s missed out on so much. He spent a big part of his first year on treatment in the hospital battling different viruses, and a parasite Cryptosporidium from water of all things which he had to visit an infectious disease doctor. After months of being sick they finally checked his IGG levels and now gets IVIG bi-monthly. He’s finally feeling better and doin well is in Long Term Maintenance and starting to enjoy the simple things we all take for granted all to often. He’s still not allowed to swim in lakes or rivers but that’s ok as long as he’s as healthy as he can be.