Gamerosity is Community
Gamerosity taps into the incredible power of crowdfunded compassion and hope focused apparel to bring enriching experiences to kids with cancer throughout the country.
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The Gamerosity Hero Package
So much more than an iPad! Our Gamerosity Hero Packages are a passionately curated collection of kid focused items that tell a story of strength and solidarity like nothing else can!
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Heaven's Heroes
We have been so incredibly enriched by the lives of the children we've met along the way. Join us in memoriam as we honor the heroes that live on in our heart.
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Empowerment is in Style!
Fashion-forward, soft, comfortable, stylish and affordable! All profits help fund Hero Packages and the work we do for kids with cancer.
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Any Questions?
Gamerosity is a unique platform that empowers communities to raise tax-deductible funds to bring enriching experiences for kids with cancer. Our methods aren't common, we know you have questions...
Who is Eligible for a Hero Package?
All children who are under 18 years old and undergoing active Childhood Cancer treatment (or in Maintenance phase of treatment) in the United States are eligible for a Hero Package Campaign.
Does it Have to be an iPad?
Not at all. Gamerosity is so much more than iPads! We're about empowerment and experience! If your child would rather have a Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or laptop, we're happy to cater a Hero Package within our budget.
How Long Does it Take to Get a Hero Package?
All Hero Packages are community funded. If your child goes on campaign today, you can start sharing their page and, depending on the response, they can get funded rather quickly! Share, share, share!