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15 Year Old
Wauwatosa, WI
Children's Wisconsin
About Eden

Eden’s favorite school subject is history.  She is an avid reader.  Her favorite places to go just might be bookstores!  She likes too many books to name a favorite- but loves finding new ones - including new series.  Prior to her diagnosis, she had joined her school’s book club. Hobbies have been limited recently, but she used to try some artistic type things from time to time, like ceramics or sketching.   As a freshman in high school, she joined the swim team and enjoyed being part of that team.  She likes all kinds of snacks.  Nothing quite tastes the same to her right now though because of treatment, so it varies.  However, one mainstay is that she does still really like having some fruit or tropical flavored gum on hand at all times.  During treatment at the hospital, if we are able to leave the room and need something to do, she enjoys going to the gift shop and buying a few pieces of gummy candy. Eden is a delightful girl who is a joy to be around.  She is very open-minded and interested in others.  She is so resilient, has a great sense of humor, thoughtful and a true blessing.  

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