Camron McNeil
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50 Year Old
Falls Church, VA
Inova Children's Hospital
Leukemia, Acute Lymphoblastic
About Camron
Our SuperCam is truly the most absolutely AMAZING, strong and courageous little man I have ever known. He has gone through 15 months of intense treatment thus far. The first 9 months were the worst when he spent most of those months inpatient. He is always happy. No matter how bad it gets he always smiles and lights up the building! Camron loves his 2 big sisters and his baby brother. He loves sports, skateboarding, and his scooter. Sometimes because of the weather or flu season or colds or sore bones he is limited to inside activities. That's why I think this is such an amazing thing you do! Given the opportunity this will be something AWESOME for him. Recently my husband lost his job and we are struggling. Camron's birthday is March 3rd and this would be THE BEST GIFT for him!
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