Isaiah Melendez
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6 Year Old
Jacksonville, FL
Nemour Children's Specialty Care
Leukemia, Acute Lymphoblastic
About Isaiah

2 year's ago today, I received the worst news ever. It all started with what I thought a simple hospital visit for a fever check up. Doctor delivered the news gently, red blood cells are low, the white blood cells are low and platelets are low. One out of the three would be ok but all 3 down is not good. So I look up at his face and he muttered, its CANCER! Never in a million years would I have thought to get the news that my son(my baby, my 3 year old) has cancer. My body went numb. My thoughts clouded my mind. I hear my daughter crying in the next room. I then hear his father crying"why". I was still grasping the information in my head, its like I was brain dead. The news finally sinked in and with tears in my eyes, I asked the Doctor, WHY? What were the symptoms?Is this heredity? What did I do wrong? My answer from everyone, Im sorry, it just happens!. As I start blaming myself, I looked at my pale baby and told him, "Mommy is here", everything will be ok. So 2 year's later, he is in remission, still taking chemo everyday and several other meds.Though we still have No answers nor a cure. I just Thank God my baby is still here by our side. Our lives changed in a matter of seconds. But...we survived and prevailed. Isaiah is the true meaning of a warrior. #Isaiahstrong

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