Madison Stewart
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12 Year Old
Gainesville, FL
Shands Children's Hospital
Leukemia, Acute Lymphoblastic
About Madison
Madison was a healthy, playful, energetic and beautiful girl until June 2012 when cancer struck her. We were caught off guard and so was she, because she was not feeling sick or bad at all when we found out about her diagnoses. She used to love to dance, sing and play outside. Now she still likes to do all of it but does not have the energy most of the time. She knows that she has been diagnosed with leukemia but we don't say cancer around her. I don't think she knows what cancer is but we just don't like the sound of cancer. She at first thought the hospital made her sick because she felt good when she was admitted the first time, we had to explain it all to her now I think she gets it but knows by the grace of GOD she is healed and will get better.


Madison loves crafts, games, and planting/picking flowers. She is a very smart little girl, she doesn't go to school yet but she loves to play school with her Nana (and anyone else that will play with her) She loves Disney Princess and the color PINK. her nick name is Princess Madison . Sorry I tried to upload a picture but I don't think it took
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