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7 Year Old
Pensacola, FL
Studer Family Children's Hospital
Leukemia, Acute Lymphoblastic
About Zooey
Zooey was diagnosed with Leukemia about three weeks ago. Zooey has always been very special and insanely unique. She has proven her self to be a fighter, an artist, a magnificent big sister to her little brother Maximus. Zooey is missing school terribly right now and all of her friends. I think she misses the work her brain is so thirsty for. Zooey is my Hero ♥️ She has turned my life into something magical ever since she was still in her mother womb. Zooey taught me to be a man when I was 18 years old I learned that I will always have someone to share the most special love in the whole universe with. I love my baby girl and right now in her life she is handling all theses changes like a champion because she is. My sweet Zooey is going crazy being here at the house lately and she has found a new love and appreciation for music.
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